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Cuttyhunk island is a quiet, beautiful place, where one can relax and let go. Whether you spend your days on the beach, hiking the trails or simply sitting on our huge porch taking in the ocean sounds and views, there is no better place than the Avalon to call home while on the island. The Avalon feels like home; comfortable, inviting, the perfect place to bring friends and family together for a very unique experience. 


Many of our guests at the Avalon have been coming every year for many years; we are part of their family and they are a part of ours...and that's just the way we like it. 


Cuttyhunk is also well known for its fishing. The island has a reputation as a fisherman’s paradise. In season, striped bass and blue fish are caught in impressive numbers when the tide is rising. 


When you’re not fishing, you’ll enjoy long walks amongst the wild flowers, a hike on one of the many beautiful trails out to the island’s West End for some great bird watching, a day at the beach, ice cream and a chat on the dock or cool drinks with fresh shellfish on the Avalon porch. 


If walking isn’t your thing, bring your bike or rent one of our golf carts; these are the only other acceptable ways to travel on the island. The pace is slow, the air is clean and nightlife is limited to stargazing...

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