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The Avalon accommodates 18 people in a whole house rental, rooms 1-7, in 12 individual beds. We can accommodate up to 24 people with the use of our overflow rooms and the 2 extra twin beds located in the Library room.  We also have 2 cots which are more suitable for kids and can be added to any room. The overflow rooms are not usually available during peak season, however, please inquire about availability of these rooms for spring and fall rentals. Maximum capacity of guests in the whole house including overflow rooms is 24 people. Please note that the maximum number of people does not equal the number of individual beds; these are max number of sleeping spots only.  Click on the “Our Rooms” tab on the menu above or contact us for more details.


The outdoor deck and lawn area can accommodate a maximum of 175 people for events and weddings. 



- Guests hosting a party, reception, or wedding must reserve the whole house for a minimum of two nights (Rooms 1 – 7).  Options to add overflow rooms/extra twin beds available.  

- Reservations for Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day and Columbus Day weekends require three-night minimum stays.

CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT (Same as regular rentals)

- Check-in time is 1:30 PM (may be earlier depending upon reservation) and check-out time is 10 AM or before.  WHOLE HOUSE rentals will have the ability to check in as early as 10am.

- On departure day we ask that you remove all belongings from bedrooms before 10 AM so that housekeeping can clean and prepare rooms for incoming guests. You are welcome to enjoy the main floor until your departure from the island.

- During most of the season, the ferry arrives at 10 AM and leaves at 4 PM - please be aware of this when dealing with guests NOT staying at Avalon or over night on the island.

- We strive to be as accommodating as possible and welcome outgoing guests to enjoy the property until their departure. Incoming guests will be invited to enjoy the house common areas until we have their bedrooms ready for check in.  Please plan accordingly.



We ask that you let us know how and when you plan to arrive on island so that we may welcome and assist you effectively.

For large group events you will need to arrange to have your luggage and food brought up to the Avalon as staff carts are small and can only accommodate 2-4 people.



You will need to contact either or to discuss transport/schedules to and from the island for those guests NOT staying at the Avalon.  If you want to arrive via private boats please contact the harbor master for slip information.


Because of the burden to both the house and the neighborhood that any event brings, all events need to have an approved/agreed upon start and end time. All events/times will be approved on an individual basis.  As a rule, events should last no more than 5-6 hours.



Cuttyhunk has a noise ordinance that goes into effect at 10 PM.  If an event is scheduled to continue on past 10 PM, guests must obtain a variance from the Police Chief.  A copy of the approved variance must be on file at the Avalon prior to the event.



- Tents may be added to the lawn areas (front, back and side) – guests responsibility

- Tents may be installed no sooner than the day of check-in as near 1:30 pm (or agreed check in time) as possible. 

- Tents are to be removed and the yard returned to “as it was found” condition by 10:00 am on departure day.

No tenting is to be attached or secured to the house, the porch, or the columns.

- Tenting should be professionally installed.  Wind advisories and weather warnings may cause management to ask for a tent to be taken down, relocated or more strongly secured to the ground in order to protect both the guests as well as the house.



All events are subject to a lawn/event fee, each event is different; therefore the event host (who will be present at the event) and Avalon management will meet and agree on the final layout and planned usage for the lawn.


Up to 50 people: $500

51-75 people: $750

76-100 people: $1000

101-150 people: $1500

151-175 people: $1750


A gratuity of $250 is required for the staff in addition to the event and rental fees.  This helps cover extra time spent with your group, any extra cleaning or above and beyond presence for your event.  This will be added to your reservation automatically.

There are no added fees when a guest hosts a party, a reception, or a wedding provided that the event is limited to overnight guests and that food is not catered in and tents are not added.



- The use of extension cords for outdoor lighting is permitted, provided that cords are appropriate to the “load” and care is taken not to overload circuits. Cords and fixtures must be placed and secured in a way that avoids any risk of tripping or other injury.

- No lights are to be attached or mounted directly to the house, porches, or columns.

- No Open Flame Policy

Due to the Avalon being an all-wood structure, which is over 100 years old, we ask that no candles, torches, luminaries, incense or lanterns be used at your event. Smoking of cigarettes and cigars, the burning of incense and the use of candles are not allowed inside the Avalon.


In accordance with Massachusetts Fireworks Law MGL Chapter 148, S. 39 A, fireworks are not to be exploded, fired or launched from the Avalon properties.  The law states as follows:

It is illegal for private citizens to use, possess, or sell fireworks in Massachusetts, or to purchase them legally elsewhere and then transport them into the state. The law prohibits any article designed to produce a visible or audible effect.


For events with more than 50 total guests or for events of any size, two “Port-a-Potty’s” are to be professionally set up on the lawn behind the house.  Guests should be told the location of the Port-a-Potty’s and should be encouraged to use them.  Rental, installation, removal and transportation are at the event host’s expense.


- The Kitchen at the Avalon is capable of handling “normal meals” for up to 24 in-resident guests at one time.  Serving resident and additional non-resident guests places a significant burden on the house, its septic system as well as its propane and the electric utilities.

- The Avalon is not a commercial food service facility and does not offer food to the public. Instead, as a “lodging”, the Avalon offers its kitchen for the use /benefit to its in-resident guests only.

- Use of the kitchen for “dinner parties”; where in non-resident guests are invited in to join resident guests, needs to be approved in advance.  Dinner parties that include non-resident guests may only be held when the entire house is being rented, as not to inconvenience other guests of the inn.

- For approved events, even those being catered, the kitchen is to be used as a preparatory area only.   No cooking or heating of food for non-resident guests is allowed in the kitchen of the Avalon.

- Caterers are required to provide their own equipment including cookware, prep items, small appliances, dishes, glassware, silverware, vases, serving pieces and trays.

- Rinsing of dishes must be done in a “bus bin” to avoid exceeding the capacity of the septic system with running water.  The dishwasher at the Avalon may not be used for events attended by more than our resident guests (24); which means that caterers will be leaving Cuttyhunk with “dirty” dishes.

- The kitchen is to be returned to “as it was found” condition by the caterer or host at the end of the party/event.


- Green “Gosnold” trash bags must be purchased by the events’ guest/host or caterer. No Avalon bags are to be used. 

- Trash/recycling pick up should be coordinated with the Island Waste Manager prior to the event.  Pick up should be scheduled for the morning after the event and there may be a town fee for this. 

- Yard and Deck should be returned to “as it was found” condition free from trash and recycling by end of the party.


Inside furniture should not be re-arranged without Housekeeping approval and at no time should inside furniture be placed outside.

If at the end of an event the house, lawn, decks or kitchen are not deemed by Avalon management, to have been left in “as it was found” condition, the event host will pay housekeeping an hourly rate to clean/restore the house and grounds.


Missing guest room furnishings and housekeeping items, or damage to rooms and/or furnishings beyond normal usage, will result in charges to be paid at checkout, including full replacement value of the item(s), even if not discovered until after checkout.  This includes damage caused by guests' children, or non-residents visiting registered guests.


- Items accidentally left behind will be returned on request upon satisfactory confirmation of ownership and after arrangements have been made for payment of shipping and handling charges. 

- If no contact is made within 30 days of departure, guest items are donated to a local charity.


- Though a cloudy day and some rain may not cancel your event, bad weather may cause event plans to change severely, example: an outside event is planned for 100 people… it is raining… the event CAN NOT simply be moved to be inside the house. 

- In the event of bad weather, the event host and Avalon management will work together to handle the event in a way that both accommodates visiting guests and also protects the house.

Avalon Management welcomes your inquiry regarding these event policies and we look forward to visiting with you regarding the specific details of your event. 



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