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What To Expect


Cuttyhunk is a "dry island", meaning no alcohol can be sold or purchased on the island.  Any and all alcohol you need for your trip will need to be purchased off island and brought over with you. 


CASH CASH CASH (and credit cards...)                                                                                  

The islands' internet service isn't as reliable as on the mainland and therefore credit cards may not work as well even though almost all services take credit, so please bring cash with you on your trip.



There are no bike, kite, kayak, paddle board, paddleboat, jet ski, or any of this type of rental available on the island.  Please bring with you what you will need/want and make sure to check with your mode of transport to the island to make sure there is room aboard for all your items.



Avalon does have WIFI that is accessible to our guests for free.  WIFI works best for basic services like email and social media; movie downloads, Netflix or streaming can be difficult.  We have LAWN GAMES & BOARD GAMES.  If you are wanting a specific game please inquire.



Our KITCHEN is fully furnished with most everything you will need while staying with us: 2 regular drip coffee makers (and filters!), toaster, microwave, rice cooker, blender, plates, silverware, cloth napkins, dish towels, cooking utensils, pots and pans, baking needs as well as a few different spices left behind or donated to the Avalon 


There is a BBQ located outside as well for our guests to use.


Bedrooms are complete with all linens, and bathrooms with all towels, soap, garbage bags, and, of course, toilet paper!  You will need to bring your own shampoo/conditioner, and any other toiletries.  We provide paper towels in the kitchen but no paper napkins.


Avalon does have beach towels, but please note we have a limited supply so plan to use your towel multiple times while with us, we cannot provide a new towel each day.  We have 8 beach chairs that are available to staying guests ONLY.  Please see inn keeper to check out either of these items.



Cuttyhunk island is very laid back and doesn’t always run on specific times and menus are known to change from time to time. There are several local food vendors that are open mainly July and August, with the exception of Shellfish Farms, which stays open from June through Columbus Day weekend.  Other than that you will find a small market on island, fresh seafood on the dock, and a small café with treats, ice cream and sandwiches. These too will mainly be open in prime summer months.  When staying on the island it is best to bring with you what you will want/need for your stay.  Our Ferry and Water Taxi are well versed in loading up large amounts of groceries and luggage.



Please note that if you are arriving via private boat, you will need to rent a golf cart through us for at least the arrival day to get you and your luggage from the marina to the Avalon.  Please contact our innkeepers thirty minutes prior to arriving to the island with an approximate arrival time, so that they can be ready for your arrival at the house. 


For those arriving via ferry or water taxi - if you have rented a golf cart those will be waiting for you the dock as well as our innkeeper to assist you in getting up to the Avalon.

For large groups you will need to contact the innkeeper prior to your arrival to arrange for help in getting all of your groups items up to the house.

There is no pharmacy or hospital on the island, and the infirmary physicians don't arrive until late June. If you have any ongoing medical conditions, be sure to plan accordingly and bring with you what you might need. Emergency boat rides to the mainland will take at least 40 minutes and can be expensive. Antibiotics and other prescriptions can be called in by a doctor to a New Bedford pharmacy and delivered to Cuttyhunk the next day by the Cuttyhunk Ferry Company for a small fee. There are ticks on Cuttyhunk that carry Lyme Diease and other tick-born illnesses. Tick problems can be easily avoided by taking certain precautions: If you go walking to the west end of the island (on unpaved roads), wear bug spray, check yourself for ticks when you get home, and a shower afterwards is also good idea. If you do get a tick bite, there is an “off duty” retired physician on the island who can assess the bite and call in a prescription if need be.  Be aware, use common sense, and check yourself daily.

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